So who is this guy anyway?


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. My interest in photography began with the intrigue of capturing anything and everything with a 110 point and shoot (remember those - film cameras) at the impressionable age of ten.

Later progressing to the status of a high school lab rat (oh, the magic of the B&W darkroom...) and then off to study on Vancouver Island to make image creation a career. Over fifteen years later I’m still pleased to be fortunate enough to support my family by creating outstanding images for a base of very wonderful clients!

I’ve been regarded as easy going, keenly detail oriented and unfailingly reliable. Balance is found between the quiet focus of an architectural session, collaborative interaction with a client on a directed set and the excitement of capturing a superbike full speed on the track (not to mention partaking in a little seat time myself, just not at the same time).

My professional focus is to supply the technical expertise and aesthetic contribution for the production of dynamic photographic images. The primary objective has always been to exceed everyone's expectations for the project while conveying the original concepts faithfully.

I would be pleased to hear about your next project idea and can be contacted here.


  2016 Self Portrait Larger2016 Self Portrait Larger